NO Players meeting. Player packages can be picked up at any point during the tournament from tournament center.

Week Schedule for Nokia Open 2024

Monday, June 20th
14:00-18:00 Monday qualifier (golf start)

Tuesday, June 6th
08:00-13:00 Course open for practice
13:00-18:00 Nokia Open OneRound Flex
18:00 reservation for weekly tournament

Wednesday, June 7th
08:00-18:00 Course open for practice
Shotgun Doubles 18:00

Thursday, June 8th
Practice day for competitors only

Friday, June 9th
8:00-16:00 – Tee times
Playing order MPO, FPO
22:00 Reservation for Midsummer One Round (open for all)

Saturday, June 10th
8:00-16:00 – Tee times
Playing order FPO, MPO

Sunday, June 11th
8:00-16:00 – Tee times
Playing order MPO, FPO, MPO top24