Nokia Open 2021 Registration Info

A PDGA membership is needed.

Registration will be in 3 phases. 1st one will have rating limits and with division limits. 2 phase have only division limits and 3rd phase is open for all to fill up the field.

Registration takes place in Disc Golf Metrix and each player must have a Metrix account to register. Make sure your PDGA number is correct. Metrix checks the rating from the PDGA automatically when a player registers for an event.

Entry fee

Entry fee is 100€ in all divisions. Each player will receive a player pack.

Important note: Make sure you pay your entry fee during your registration stage.
Players on the waiting list should not pay the entry fee.

Register here!

Waiting list

Queue numbers don’t take division quotas into account in phase 1. This means that if all divisions are full and a spot becomes available in the MA1 division, the spot is issued to an MA1 division.

After phase 1 the spots are issued in queue number order.

Wild cards

Wild cards will be issued by the organizer. The wild cards can also be used to grant spots to the waiting list players.

Applying for a wild card:
Register for the event in Disc Golf Metrix and then send your request to the tournament director.

Withdrawals and refunds

We will refund your tournament fee until 2 weeks for the tournament. After that You may get half of the payment refunded. On a tournament week no refunds are given.
All withdrawals must be made by contacting the tournament director directly by email or phone.