Nokia Open course will be based on “Beast” with some small changes.

First change will be a new starting hole 1.  Then some holes will be played in different order, so pay attention on that.

Course map can be found on metrix.

Hole by hole rules:

  1. OB all around the hole
  2. Road on right side is OB
  3. Lake beside tee is OB
  4. Lake on right and road on left is OB
  5. Mando on right. Parking lot on right and road behind basket is OB
  6. Mando on right. Right side road is OB as left side lake.
  7. Mando on right. OB all around the hole. On the beginning right side OB line is sidewalk. Rest of the OB lines are painted. Line marks the OB. Sticks mark OB when the OB line is on a sand road.
  8. Left side parking lot and on a right sidewalk.
  9. Rough on left and sidewalk on right. Pond before basket is also OB.
  10. Mando on right. Road on right side and behind the basket is OB. Also the bond on left is OB and marked with sticks. Other water is casual.
  11. Casual water on left. OB on left side (same bond as on hole 10). Private yards are OB on right side.
  12. Left sidewalk and behind the basket parking lot is OB. Water is casual.
  13. Sidewalk on left at the beginning is OB. Then rest of the hole is rounted with OB. Line is painted.
  14. OB all the way from left side and it curves to right side rough area. Island rule on this hole. If disc lands on OB you rethrow without penalty. Last on this hole is island where you need to get disc landed inside. Hay bales are not inside. The disc must lay on a ground. Behind the island line makes the OB.
  15. Sidewalks all around are OB.
  16. Left side sidewalk and right side OB line. At the beginning the road and rest is market with sticks and paint.
  17. Right side parking lot and warming area on right are OB.
  18. Mando on right. OB all around the hole.