Sunday groups are up on Metrix.

Remember to sign up for your round at least 15min before your starting time

Muista rekisteröitä kierroksellesi viimeistään 15min ennen tii-aikaa.

Saturday groups at Metrix

Saturday and Sunday group orders.

Sat: MP50, MP60, MP40, MPO, MA1, FP40, FJ18, FA1, MJ18, FPO

Sun: MPO worst, MP40 worst, MJ18 9, FP40, FJ18, FA1, MA1, MP60, MP50, MP40 top 12, FPO, MPO top 24.

Spectators round starting on Saturday 15:30.

Registration on Metrix.

Doubles palyed at Nokia Open course Wednesday.
Link to register here.

Friday groups are up on Metrix

Tournament news will be updated into this page during the week…